Nothing to see here boys. Yes I Lift.

Nothing to see here boys. Yes I Lift.

Is caped crusader Bruce Wayne Bi? Batman comic fans are wondering.
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Issue five of Batman: The Knight sees Bruce share a moment with Anton. The two look into each other’s eyes, hinting at a potential kiss between the two before they’re interrupted.

DC hasn’t yet confirmed the sexuality of the Dark Knight, but fans have taken to social media with a theory.

One user Tweeted “Bruce Wayne has been such a queer icon for so many decades [that] a small scene that’s not clear at all will make everyone scream that Batman is bisexual and I’m loving it.” (Bet you are dear)

During the encounter, Anton and Bruce become affectionate after Bruce admits he’s worried about returning to Gotham as a failure. Anton responds by calling him “amazing”, admitting he “thought I was alone in the world”. Before the two kiss, they are interrupted by Oblonsky.

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