Silver Sand Bar

Silver Sand Bar

Silver Sand: The place on Soi 4 Thats Got Everyone Talking
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Introducing the fabulous new boy of Soi 4, honey! Get ready to be swept off your feet by Silver Sand, the hottest spot in town. 


A New Boy on the Scene

Get ready to meet the new boy on the scene in Soi 4, honey! Silver Sand has recently opened its doors and is quickly becoming the talk of the town. With its prime location at the start of the street, you won't want to miss out on all the fun.


Food and Drink That'll Have You Licking Your Lips

At Silver Sand, we've got a range of food and drinks that'll have you licking your lips and asking for more, darling. From delicious bites to refreshing cocktails, we've got something for everyone to enjoy. Try the Oysters! 


A Young Crowd of Thais and Tourists

Silver Sand is the perfect spot to meet new friends and party with a young, diverse crowd of Thais and tourists. Whether you're looking for a night out with your besties or a chance to make new connections, Silver Sand is the place to be.


Large Range of Cocktails That'll Have You Feeling Fabulous

At Silver Sand, we take our cocktails seriously, honey. We've got a large range of cocktails that are sure to have you feeling fabulous in no time. From classic margaritas to fruity daiquiris, we've got something to suit every taste.


Live Music That'll Get You on Your Feet

Get ready to dance the night away at Silver Sand with our live music performances. We bring in local bands and international acts that are sure to get you on your feet and moving to the beat, darling.


A Chic and Stylish Decor That'll Make You Feel Like a Superstar

At Silver Sand, we believe that atmosphere is everything, and our decor is chic, stylish, and designed to make you feel like a superstar. With its trendy decor and friendly staff, you'll feel like you've stepped into a whole new world.


Stay Up to Date on the Latest Happenings at Silver Sand

Don't miss a beat, darling. Stay in the loop on all the latest happenings at Silver Sand by following us on Facebook at We can't wait to see you there and make your night unforgettable.