It's a Sin.  Olly at the Brits

It's a Sin. Olly at the Brits

It's a Sin remake benefits HIV Charity.
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Elton john teamed up with Years & Years (aka Olly Alexander) for a stunning take on Pet Shop Boys classic It’s a Sin. 

Performing at the Brit Awards, the performance saw Olly Alexander lying on the top of Elton’s grand piano. Wearing a midriff top that showed off his abs, he’s cavorted while delivering the poignant song.

While the song started off as a tender ballad, it soon turned into a disco thumper with a troupe of dancers appearing to help bring the song to life.

The intergeneration performance gave the song increased meaning and it overflowed with gay pride.

Both Years & Years and Elton John have had a long association with Pet Shop Boys.

Years & Years released an acoustic and emotional version of It’s a Sin earlier this year to coincide with Alexander staring in the Russel T Davies series that took it’s name from the 1987 pop hit.  Alexander has also teamed up with the band on their most recent album performing the song Dreamland.

Elton John previously collaborated with the band on a version of In Private, a song they originally wrote for Dusty Springfield. They’ve also previously teamed up on a version of Elton’s tunes Believe and Song for Guy, and a cover of Gilbert O’Sullivasn’s Alone Again, Naturally.

The version of the song performed at the Brit Awards was produced by Pet Shop Boys Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe, and their long-term collaborator Stuart Price. Originally the Pet Shop Boys had attended to appear in the pre-recorded segment, but contractual issues stop them from doing so.

The track is being released as a single with the proceeds going to the Elton John AIDS charity. Since being released earlier in the week the video has racked up over a million views.