Pride Chat, Meet the locals

Pride Chat, Meet the locals

Pride Chat app as an alternative to Grindr
Pride Thailand Pride Thailand

Pride Chat is a project created by Mr Cameron McKean the openly Gay Entrepreneur and business owner of well known LGBTQ Businesses such As Pride Bar and Restaurant, Circus Theater Restaurant and Pride Resort.


Currently the leading app used by mostly Gay Men is called Grindr. While it has been a successful app in terms of customer growth the app is not owned by the LGBTQ community. With recent sale of the company in order to possibly public listing.




The LGBTQ community have been quite public about feeling the new direction of the app and its new owners is not in line with the community. Grindr operates on a subscription basis and as such is an expense out of reach for many users especially in Asia.


Some of the current issues for Grindr are:

  1. Expensive for users
  2. Many users in Asia don’t have a debit card able to make online payments.
  3. The mobile app not available to older phone models.
  4. Users being banned and mobile devices being blocked.
  5. Intrusive advertising
  6. User data being sold
  7. Lack of support for the Transgender community.


Pride App plans to change this with a rethink of the way that the community use the app. While continuing to be a free app it will also be owned and managed by the LGBTQ community.


Benefits being:

  1. 100% free for users to use.
  2. Find local People and Local businesses.
  3. Designed and managed by the LGBTQ community.
  4. Ability for LGBTQ businesses to create a “Business Profile”.
  5. Support for local community events.
  6. User Data not sold and high privacy standards.
  7. Mobile apps developed with focus on supporting older devices.


Pride Chat is anow available for download from and App stores for Android and Apple.

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